Monday, July 8, 2013

Halloween 2012

V w/ Aidan in the background

Ben & Georgia
We went trick or tricking with Aunt Sharon, Uncle Jim and Aidan in their neighborhood.  They live in a picture perfect area well suited to trick or treating with the vast majority of houses participating with gusto!

Violet wanted to be Cleopatra, Jack a jaguar and the triplets, I was still able to steer, and I found these adorable wolf and little red ridding hood costumes at my resale.

Dashiell & Georgia
The kids had a huge bounty (each!!) so we instituted a policy of 2/night for a few days then we dumped in all on the kitchen table and had an all you can eat gorge fest.  They were excited, but really ate surprising (or maybe not) little, and mostly took a bite, spit it out, and decided to try something else.  The rest I shipped off to work w/Ron.  I have found memories of being in control of my own Halloween candy in my bedroom, and trying to convince my sister to give me some of hers when I inevitable ate all of mine right away while she judiciously doled hers out.  I currently can't conceive of turning the kids loose with a bag full of candy in their rooms.   (Shudder)

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