Sunday, July 18, 2010

more merriment


We survived!!!

Georgia, Benjamin, and Dashiell celebrated their 1st birthday by double fisting giant (who gave those to them??) pieces of cake! I decided to make them a surprise on the inside cake, kind of like how they were a surprise on the inside for us - who knew (at the beginning of course) that there were 3 babies in there. Despite the photo, Georgia dove right in like her brothers. They all ate the whole piece. It is funny that Georgia, who eats anything and everything, was suspicious of cake!

In a neat coincidence, we received the results of the boy's DNA test on their birthday and...they are indeed identical. I am glad to have it confirmed one way or the other. Now everyone who can not tell them apart (myself included sometimes) can breathe a sigh of relief. They do have tons of personality traits and facial expressions that distinguish them and some physical characteristics. The most obvious being currently Dashiell has 6 teeth to Benjamin's 2 (and to Georgia's none, but we hope you can tell her apart). :)

None of the babies are walking yet, Georgia is pretty close though. I will be surprised if she is not the first one to break away and take some steps on her own. They all cruise around on the furniture. Of course, Violet loves to help them practice, but I think Georgia gets the most of her attention.

It has been and awe inspiring first year, with many, many, more cool experiences to come!