Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Park is Open!

The kids are very excited that the warm days have returned and we can go to the park. Getting out of the house is a treat after the Chicago winter. The kids LOVE to scooter to the park. Violet has had a scooter since she turned 3 but there was always such a commotion over Jack wanting to use it. So Jack got his own on his 2nd B-day. This is the first time breaking out this year but they have constant "Ready, Set Go" races back and forth in the house.

The kids get along so well at the park, Jack is incredibily daring. The gymnastics/tumbling lessons are paying off as he loves to hang from everything.

Time to go Home.

Fre Comic Book Day

Took the kids down to my comic shop for the Annual Free Comic Book day and they found a surprise waiting for them when they got there. Jack would not turn for a picture and was fascinated with Spider-Man. They both made sure they said Bye to him before we left - the guys at my shop were great sports that day.

Mama Payne

Here are a few shots of Erin in various states of Triple Pregnancy Progress!

I managed to get a shot of her in the car at 26 1/2 weeks.
And here she is at 27 1/2 weeks getting herself pretty for Oprah!She looks great and its amazing the amount of activity she has maintained with three, count 'em three! of my babies inside her. Goooo Erin!


Violet and Jack love it when Grampie and Tutu are able to visit. They wake up early and start the day with a bang.

Ring a Round the Rosies!

Our friends Brent and Jennifer came up from Memphis for a weekend visit and we enjoyed a nice lunch at Maggiano's in a private room downstairs. We had a very nice time and the private room was handy for the plethora of kids to unwind - finally a chance with enough bodies to make a circle.

Here's some video of the fun.

Afterwards kids went and played in the mall, which for some reason involved a lot of laying down.

- Ron

We are Sooo ready for Summer!

Violet and Jack love to make pools. Sometimes they just spread blocks around in a circle. In this case they decided to play with the laundry basket in order to go swimming. They really want to visit Aunt Sarah in California but I don't think we are making that trip this year either before or after the new threesome arrives.

- Ron