Saturday, May 14, 2011

How long will they all still fit?

the case of the missing ring

Since the triplet pregnancy, my wedding ring has ceased to fit and so it has resided in my jewelry box along with all my other unworn sparklies. Violet has endless fascination with this stuff. One day last fall, while vacuuming under the bed, the sun glinted off something shiny. Normally I would assume this to be some forgotten "treasure" of the kids and continue hovering away with the awesome sucking power of the Dyson - is it any wonder my ring does not fit? But this day I checked it out and discovered to my dismay that it was my engagement ring and a sapphire ring that I am saving for Violet. Thanking my stars that I did not suck it up, I put it back into its' velvet home, only to discover the real treasure - my wedding ring - to be missing. After interrogating the wee ones (no water boarding) and tearing the place upside down, no ring turned up. Many brainstorming sessions trying to discover it's hiding spot, including taking apart the vacuum just in case, ensued. Fast forward to this week when it was record setting hot in Chicago. I opened all the windows in the house, and was elated to find the ring nestled in the window sill that is tucked behind a piece of furniture. Note to self: Do not let Violet hide Easter eggs in the house.
Yayyy!! I have been looking for this forever!

party of seven - your table is ready

nice jazz hands Jack!