Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Blueberry Picking

When you have five kids sucking down blueberries like they are going out of style (or season) what is one to do. Head straight to the source! Nothing like a road trip to fill up a weekend day. We pilled everyone in, and drove to the Michigan/Indiana border and picked away. The babies, and soon, Jack tired of picking hung out in the camp grounds with Dad where they were mobbed with people asking to take their picture. I think we should have started a little side business and charged a dollar a pop to fund our excursion. Ron was good natured about it. For some reason, there was all kinds of foreign tourists there that day, so I guess our kids are popping up in people's vacation photos - does anybody print those anymore?

Violet and I enjoyed the picking aspect - and thus we were spared the ogling. We ended up with about 5# of blueberries. Since blueberries are normally sold by the pint, I was a little worried what we were going to do with our bounty. Unfounded it turns out. Our little voracious chowhounds made quick work of those five pounds. I think Georgia ate 2 pounds herself!

After the hot, hot work a treat for all - except the babies - man those guys never have any fun!

Next on to apple picking.

City sprinkler

When the temps soar in the city, fire hydrants all around are opened up and kids take their chances in the street. On our old block I was never comfortable letting the kids try this makeshift citified sprinkler. Our new block however is much less a throughway and the kids are older so we decided to let them play. They loved it! Super cold water blasting (but cleverly tempered by a tire and a board) and very refreshing.

With all the overflow water worms where coming up onto the sidewalk. Jack and Violet went right up to them and picked them up - eww! I try not to put my freak out factor on them and was proud of the two of them. Maybe it's time for a fishing trip?