Thursday, February 25, 2010

Can you tell who is who?

A. Ben is on the left


Violet and Jack love playing in the snow...or maybe they just love the hot chocolate that comes after!
Some of these pictures are taken outside our house and some are taken at my brother's house. The adorable little pink puffball is cousin Bianca.
Uncle Luke's got a great backyard with a little slope that deadends into a jogging path, great for sledding. Even little Bianca has her own sled that she gets strapped into and she enjoyed the ride.

We had a great Christmas, with glimpses of what our future will be like with 5 kids clamoring for all that the holidays entail. With just Violet and Jack, we made for a very good year for eggnog producers. This year we also managed to decorate sugar cookies with the kids; maybe next year a gingerbread house - or village of houses depending on how many little hands want to join in.
My grandma got the kids matching jammies and, after several attempts and one bribe , we snapped a useable picture. Thank goodness for digital cameras otherwise we would have rolls and rolls of outakes.
We did not (and still have not) been able to take the kids to the Christmas tree farm to chop down our own tree. This is a treasured memory from my childhood so maybe next year...

In Memoriam

On December 2nd 2009, Ron's grandmother Addalena Elledge passed away. She was a couple of months shy of her 90th birthday. She was a lovely lady, funny and witty. Sadly, she did not meet the babies. However her influence on Ron, who he is and who he will become, will live on. She will be greatly missed.

Halloween 2009

As we roll past Valentine's Day, what better time to post Halloween pics!
This year Violet was a fairy princess and Jack was a vampire. I got Halloween costumes for the babies from my local MoM's group. Georgia is the pumpkin and Ben and Dash went as peas in a pod. Lucky their costumes were little bunting bags and super warm because it was cold. We went trick or treating in Aunt Sharon and Uncle Jim's 'hood - Forest Park. Much easier than trick or treating in the city as most houses participated. Violet and Jack were really into it this year and loved handing out candy as much as receiving it (almost). Watch out next year - maybe we will do a family theme.