Thursday, June 25, 2009

1st Recital!

Getting ready for the show!

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With the park district class we signed Violet up for came a novel surprise - a recital for 3yr olds. It was a cute show, all the little girls trying their best to follow the routine. As you can see from the video they all sort of marched to their own drum. Their teacher was off to the side which is why so many of them are looking in that direction instead of toward the audience. It was held in a real theatre and there where lots of excited family members watching. In the show group Violet was in there were about 14 groups. The park district did a great job of keeping everything moving and the kids calm. Hardly a case of stage fright to be witnessed.
Jack did a great job sitting in the audience waiting patiently to give our little superstar her flowers. Due to my giant pregnantness my mom get me early entry so I snagged us a front row seat - way to go triplets.