Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Jack's SUPER DUPER B-day Part Deux

Besides Jack's nice B-day night celebration we had a big party for Jack at his school's gym over the weekend. There was lots of room for lots of kids.

Jack has a thing for super-heroes. I will confess that my own comic-habit played a strong role in guiding him to this preoccupation. He loves to pretend he is Spider-Man or "Kid Juggernaut" and he requested a Super-Hero party.

Erin made it happen - She worked for a tremendous amount of time making home made super capes for the kids to play with and take home. We were up super late putting the finishing touches on a pinata and Erin made three amazing hero cakes as well. Take a look at the results.

Jack and A.J. are on the case!

Jack and Logan on their super scooters!

Pin the Ring on Green Lantern!

Violet and Zadie protect our city!

The Justice League is all together now!

For the next challenge, Erin made 3 - yes 3! wonderful looking cakes.

Jack disposes of this fiery problem!

And for your final test - the 8-horned pinata of crime!

I accept your challenge!

And Jack and his friends have saved day and work to rid it of all the candy threatening the world.