Sunday, June 27, 2010

growing up , moving on

Here are a few shots from Violet's last day of preschool. It was fun to have the chance to hang out in the classroom and observe how Violet interacts with her peers. They are all adorable. Some of them will be moving on to kindergarten , while due to her late birthday, Violet will have one more year of pre-k. Next year Jack will be joining her in the same classroom - watch out Ms. Yadi and Mrs. Conroy!

In search of perfection

We love Dad. This should be simple right? Maybe me trying to get this one picture is like a metaphor for all Ron does. The constant juggling, rearranging, overcoming frustration, trying hard and finally making it work. For all that you do (and we do together) we really do love you! You are a great Dad.

Ben goes bananas

These ones are from a few months ago, before the babies where really eating anything other than what I spoon fed them and just beginning to pull themselves up onto things. Violet had left a banana on her little table and I was in the living room. I came into the kitchen and found Ben happily munching away, oblivious to the mess he making. Great! My job just got easier, no more mashing up bananas and spoon feeding them. Just cut em up and toss em to them :) .

Kick'n it summer style

Here the family is enjoying some out of doors time. The babies love riding in the wagon (note Dash too cool in his shades). Georgia is hanging with her buddy Elizabeth, born just a week before them. And Violet and Jack continue to love wearing their swimsuits. Jack this year really loves getting his wet! Last summer, I could not lure him into the sprinklers. This year it is hard to pry him away. With Georgia, Ben and Dashiell now only taking one nap, it is going to make it easier to get out and enjoy some sunshine.

10 (official) years and counting...

Ron surprised me with my wedding bouquet!

For our 10th wedding anniversary we managed to have 5 relaxing days to ourselves. How do the parents of five find a way to get away? With lots of help from friends and family. 1st consideration, the aforementioned 5 children (3 of which who are under 1 - lest we forget). In flies Aunt Sarah to the rescue, while battling through the first trimester of her own pregnancy no less! With my Dad to help her and my Mom coming in for weekend relief, we knew the kids were in good hands. 2nd consideration is the mundane (though ever present) budget :( .
As it happens, friends of ours are currently living abroad and generously offered us their condo to stay in. While a mere mile away, it might as well have been Mars (with cocktails of course!).
We had a lovely time and played tourist in our own great city. Thanks to everyone that helped make this happen for us.