Friday, April 11, 2008

Trying this again - Might have figured it out!
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vertically challenged

So I am working with this blog and trying to get the pictures some other way than vertically. That is what is up with the last two random photo posts. I thought I had it figured out. In the preview page it was how I wanted it, but when it published it reverted back to vertical. I think this is not so hard so if you know how to do this, please post me a comment so I can stop obsessing.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

trying again

here are some more random photos while I practice playing with the format

Monday, April 7, 2008

For our big splurge this past December we took a trip to St Maarten had a lovely time, and I wanted to share a few photos.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

In bloom

Finally this weekend a taste of spring! With temps in the mid 60's it was time to head outside and check out the parks. Jack rediscovered the joys of sand, I wonder when he is going to figure out that it tastes gross, and Violet has graduated to the big girl swing. Both kids make fast friends with the other playground attendees. Violet running after the older kids and Jack getting mothered by all the little girls. Jack has become quite a little daredevil careening down the slide head first and climbing stairs like a pro - now if only he could master climbing back down. It is mind boggling to me that last year he was safely tucked into the sling and now he is running around with not a care as to where I am. Glad spring is here, hope it's pleasant temps and gentle breezes stick around for awhile.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

zoo day(s)

Since my mom bought Jack a zoo membership for his 1st birthday we have been out exploring Brookfield's many offerings, several times so far. and have still not managed to see everything. It is quite an impressive place (though Ron insists the Omaha zoo is better) and the kids really love to go. As do I, and I imagine we will be spending many spring and summer days roaming. Violet has become quite fascinated with the animals, particularly the apes in Tropic Island. She likes to watch the smaller apes frolic and interact with one another, always assigning one the role of "mother" and one of "baby". Because the setting is quite intimate, she gets a pretty good view. Jack however would prefer a little more distance from the animals and gets a little antsy. Here is a photo of Violet posing with an ape buddy. Jack said no way and refused to be in the photo.

At the zoo there are also several interactive exhibits. Although we have not yet experienced them all, a favorite is the children's play zoo. Here the kids are able to water plants using spray bottles. Violet loves to spray and not just the plants, sometimes other kids have gotten blasted. Jack love to dig around in the dirt quite impervious to how wet he is getting.

Although I take the stroller it is amazing how much this two are willing and wanting to walk. On this day we had Aunt Sharon as our designated hand holder.

One last cute photo (enough already I know) of the kids posing in front of a display dipicting a baby elephant growth chart. The zoo had lots of these cute little asides.