Saturday, October 16, 2010

After Labor Day, Violet and Jack started school. This is Jack's first time, while to Violet it is old hat. They both are really loving it and are together in the same class. I think it is working out well - no complaints from the teachers anyway!

Aunt Sarah takes a Furnari (not a Ferrari!)

On 8.28.10 Aunt Sarah married Uncle Mike in California. All seven of us made the trek out there and we where participants in the ceremony. Waiting on the pro pics, but these are a few we snapped. The bride was beautiful and the ceremony moving. It was officiated by Sarah's ex-roomate and he did a great job - the most personal and touching ceremony I have ever witnessed. It was at their new home, so it was very comfortable for us to be able to stay and party the night away with the kids off in bed. And party we did - to a live band! I can't believe the kids slept through it all.

Congratulations Sarah and Mike. It was a whirlwind week for us and we appreciated you guys opening your home to us (and all our craziness) during the final week of your respective bachelorhoods'.

and the first one was....Georgia!

Shortly after her 1st birthday Georgia took her first unassisted steps. This video was shot on October 12, so she was about 13 months. Now at 15 months, she is running circles around her brothers! Ben and Dash are just now (at 15 months) making real progress at becoming independent walkers. I tried to get them fitted for shoes, but both of them scrunched up their toes so much neither myself or the shoe expert could get them to relax their feet enough to get a shoe on. They say barefoot is best, but not in Chicago winter! I guess we will have to revisit the idea of shoes for them later. Meanwhile Violet had picked out about 6 that she just had to have - not. She will have to curb her inner fashionista until she gets a j-o-b!

Friday, October 15, 2010