Monday, March 24, 2008

Weekend in Omaha

This weekend we made the drive to Omaha (8 hours + 2 kids = cranky parents) to see Ron's family. We had a fun time with the parents, with some "minor" snags...more on that later. Mostly we just hung around recouping from the drive :) and, as is often when visiting family, eating too much food. Next time we go I would really like to make to the Omaha zoo which is supposed to be top rate. As it would have it, we will be going back soon, circling back to our minor snag, our car totally blew up. Inoperable had to be towed away disaster. In order for us to get back home we were fortunate enough to be offered the use of Ron's Dad's ginormous conversion van (which by the way gets 15 mpg). But as anyone who has been lucky/stupid enough to travel with children is aware taking the train back was not a viable option, unless we hired a Sherpa. Anyway, had a good time, glad to be home. Here are some pictures of the kids totally not fazed by their parent stress level.

Bye Bye Gymbo

last week was our final Gymboree class, so I thought I would post a few photos of the kids having fun there. We had signed up last October to give Violet something to burn off energy while Jack was so young. Now that he can be her playmate I think we will be on our own for a least until I go crazy

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Just Jack

8 days before Jack's 1st birthday, he decided crawling around was for chumps. He started taking his first unassisted steps, and now chases his sister around the house. It is remarkable how quickly he has progressed and my back is sooo happy for the break. He got his first pair of real shoes and is now ready for the park, assuming the snow ever melts.