Friday, February 13, 2009

Christmas in February? Well, better than Christmas in July. As I am woefully behind on posts, I thought I would just put up a picture collage of the festivities. We had a beautiful Christmas, three actually, and the kids enjoyed their bounty. Violet really got into the whole mythology of Christmas and loved the tree, stockings and of course Christmas cookies. We spent Christmas morning at home then travelled out to Luke and Stacie's house to meet up with the new baby Bianca. She seems to be a very mellow baby and of course super cute. While there we played with their new Wii games. Some easy enough for Violet to give it a whirl. Maybe Santa should keep that in mind for next year...hmmm

Weekend madness

Violet and Jack love to play camp out with Dad. Every weekend our floor is cluttered with pillows and blankets, the couch is turned into an airplane (so Violet can visit Aunt Sarah in California), and her suitcase is packed full of the essentials. If some article of clothing turns up missing I always know were to look first. Jack loves to follow along in any game Violet comes up with, it is really adorable to watch their growing bond. I am however waiting for the day when Jack comes up with games and wonder how well Violet will do in the follower role. Another favorite game is school although that mainly consists of pushing chairs around the house for "desks". Since she has not had any experience with school she does not quite know what to do with her assembled "class".
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Bianca Nicole Rodts

On December 4th, we welcomed Violet and Jack's first cousin Bianca Nicole! After a long night in the hospital waiting room Luke emerged around 8:30am to tell all of us anxious waiting family members the exciting news...a girl. Stacie and baby were doing well and resting comfortably. We took a quick peek, then went home to let everyone recuperate; including us. Congratulations guys, the fun is just beginning.