Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Back to the scene of the crime

This is the equipment Jack fell from to break his arm.  Back to his old ways, fully healed.  He has a pretty wicked scar though.

Father's Day 2012

Happy Father's Day to the hardest working Dad I know.

Me and my shadow...

In a heartbeat

Today at the park, the unthinkable, the unavoidable, the inevitable happened.  Jack fell from the playground equipment, landed badly, fractured his humerus and dislocated his elbow.  We knew right away that is was broken, from the way Jack was crying to the ghoulish way his arm was hanging.  Neither one of us saw the fall, but I was the closest.  From all the dangerous, risky things the kids do at the park, this was just a freak accident.  Jack was no more then 3 feet off the ground and basically just slipped.  I think he thought his feet where going to catch him, so he stuck his arm out to touch the ground but fell on it instead.  Luckily we where both there.  Ron scooped Jack up, carried him home and put him in the car for Children's.  At the ER it was found to be a bad break, almost a compound fracture with the bone jagged instead of cleanly broken and some tendon and muscle tearing.  They decided he would need a open reduction, surgery to set the bone, and we thought they were going to to operate in the morning but he was having an unequal pulse, so that decided to go in immediately.  He had to spend the night in the hospital, on a morphine drip, hence the hazy eyed picture above.  The doctor who operated is one of the best children's orthopedists in the country, so grateful for that.  He said that if this would have happened to an adult, they would be facing months in a cast, but because Jack is a child only 3 weeks!  He does have a cast all the way up his arm tho.

He is a tough kid and back out there tearing it up.  So thankful he is ok.