Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Let it Snow, Snow, Snow!

Yes, we had a little snow last month. 20.2 inches, 3rd biggest Chicago blizzard, "Blizzaster" blah blah blah. So, along with everyone else I'll post a few "snowto's" myself.

Mom's gone for 1 week and . . . Jack takes a header!

Erin went to California to visit Aunt Sarah and Uncle Mike and new arrival Ivy leaving the Payne clan in my capable hands for 1 whole, entire, 6-day week.

Mom! What are you doing to us! Don't leave us with him! Take us with you as a carry-on! We swear we'll be quiet! You have no idea what he is capable of . . . or not capable of!

Alas, the extra luggage stayed home and . . .
within 48 hours of solo Dad action Jack was heading to the hospital.

Dad was helping Violet with nail polish while Jack decided that Dino Dan was not quite turned up to 11. You can understand his rush across the living room to rectify the situation. Which of course resulted in a header into the television. It was a gusher. A few hasty phone calls to secure someone to watch the 4 unmarred Paynesters (Thanks Martha and Jess!) and Dad and Jack headed for the waiting room.
Almost healed.
Yes Mr. Tough Guy, you are the first Payne child with stitches! So Erin when are you going away next. I can handle it. Really.

Winter Stir Crazy

Winter is here and the brood has sequestered itself within the four walls of the house. What to do what to do?
Coloring? Not quite yet. Do we fit in the suitcase? That was a blast for 2 minutes. I know, let's all climb on Dad!

Das Boot!!!!

The family made the big trip to Moline Illinois for Great Grandma Elsie's 80th B-day Party. Jack and Violet loved the cake and party favors . . .

and Georgia showed off her true England roots colors.

Mom loved the crowns as well!

But that's not all the party favors mom loved! Afterwards, when the kids were put to bed, some of the adult celebrants headed out to our local German pub. Pete pulled a classic move on my lovely wife. All night Pete proclaimed that we were all drinking das boot of bier . . . until ordering time. At that point he quietly ordered a round of normal beers for everyone else after Erin agreed to das boot, sorry, DAS BOOT!
Our puny little beers are nothing next to DAS BOOT!
don't forget . . . to spin . . . das boot
Das Boot ist alle!!!!