Monday, July 8, 2013

Christmas morning

We had a great Christmas, full of joy and fun!  This is the reason people love large families!

Daddy daughter date

Ron took Violet to the Nutcracker Ballet.  She has been enamored with it (aren't all little girls?) since she saw it last year on a field trip with her kindergarten class.  Her teacher was a former ballerina with the Joffery Ballet.  This production, while not as opulent (or nearly as expensive) as the Joffery's, was well put together and a tad more intimate.

Violet enjoyed her grown up night thoroughly and fell asleep in the car in the way home.  So tuckered out was she, we managed to get her out of her fancy dress and to bed without her waking.

Maybe the start of a tradition?

Our annual visit to Santa

Halloween 2012

V w/ Aidan in the background

Ben & Georgia
We went trick or tricking with Aunt Sharon, Uncle Jim and Aidan in their neighborhood.  They live in a picture perfect area well suited to trick or treating with the vast majority of houses participating with gusto!

Violet wanted to be Cleopatra, Jack a jaguar and the triplets, I was still able to steer, and I found these adorable wolf and little red ridding hood costumes at my resale.

Dashiell & Georgia
The kids had a huge bounty (each!!) so we instituted a policy of 2/night for a few days then we dumped in all on the kitchen table and had an all you can eat gorge fest.  They were excited, but really ate surprising (or maybe not) little, and mostly took a bite, spit it out, and decided to try something else.  The rest I shipped off to work w/Ron.  I have found memories of being in control of my own Halloween candy in my bedroom, and trying to convince my sister to give me some of hers when I inevitable ate all of mine right away while she judiciously doled hers out.  I currently can't conceive of turning the kids loose with a bag full of candy in their rooms.   (Shudder)

Violet is 7!

Violet's big day started with a party in her room!  While the kids slept, we filled her room with balloons so she would awake to fun.  In reality it just bred confusion, but I got I kick out of it!
I made her a "7" shirt, but since she has only worn it on her actual birthday day and never again, maybe she is getting too old for the that tradition?  Too bad, I plan on making her one (and having her wear it!) forever!!

We had her party at a neighborhood art studio called One Strange Bird, and I have to say they did a fantastic job.  The kids all made a painting on canvas and then created the most deluxe masks I have seen from a birthday party (this is a pretty popular activity).

Violet is growing up to be such an amazing little girl!  I am proud to be her mom and I hope she has a big life!

Get in there V!

Violet starting playing soccer on the lakefront this fall.  I find I have to restrain myself from "coaching" from the sidelines, who knew?  In case it is not clear, Violet is the one in green.

Everyone's in school!

Violet's first day of 1st grade!  Claims she wants to be an artist when she grows up.  She loves school and is very excited to get back in the swing of things.  She is at Disney Magnet school and her teacher is Mrs Baker.

Jack's first day of kindergarten!  He says he wants to be a veterinarian.  He is looking forward to his first day "in real school" and is not at all nervous.  He is attending Edison and his teacher will be Mrs
Georgia, Benjamin and Dashiell's first day of preschool!  They are going to Stockton, yes for those of you keeping score, that is three different schools!  Looks like the start of a busy year!

The butchers bill

Another casuality in the Payne household.  Georgia stood up in the slippery bath and came crashing down on her chin.  5 stitches and 2 hours later, she is her usual goofy self.

Georgia, Benjamin & Dashiell turn 3!!!!



We had a pool party for the Paynelets at the house to celebrate their 3rd birthday.  The weather was gorgeous and everyone had a fun time.  Uncle Jim's birthday is a few days after the triplet's and happened to be on the day of the party, so he got in on the cake fun!
But not before they had their chance!
I tried to ask each of them what kind of cake they wanted to which they would each reply "cake".  When I would try to clarify what design they wanted Dashiell took it a step further and would say "chocolate".  Guess they could not care less!

Look Ma, only 2 wheels!

While visiting Uncle Luke and his family, we schlepped out the bikes to take advantage of the fantastic bike path behind their house and the wide suburban sidewalks.  Violet, almost turning 6, had been reluctant to take off the training wheels.   With Jack, still 4, taking them off wasn't on the radar.  Aunt Sarah was in town and she managed to convince V to give it a try.

Jack filling a burst of confidence decided he wanted to try too.
In an effort to get current, I am going to whip out a year's worth of stuff this rainy morning - assuming the kids give me some space... big if!