Tuesday, July 26, 2011

that time of year again


Time for a summer do...they did not much care for the process. Big brother was there to show them it's not so bad, Dad did all his practicing on him.


the end result, not too shabby. Good job barber

when the mountain can't go...

Last summer one of our favorite places to go to was the beach at Humboldt Park. The babies were just one, so they were content to stay close and hang on the blanket with me. I could easily watch Violet and Jack play in the not so deep water. This summer, I fearless mother of five (ha!) have yet to try it. Every last one of the kids are just too reckless for me to feel comfortable trying to take them myself. The lure of the bathroom and refrigerator two steps away is also a mighty compelling reason to stay put. They don't seem to mind!