Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Is the only way to make sure they are accurately identified to have them lined up together?

Ben, Georgia, Dash

Family togetherness

Georgia*, Jack and VioletThe babies are growing up! They now can take a quick bath with the big kids. One baby at a time though - they are crazy slippery. They are also all over the house. Anytime I turn around someone is stuck under a table or in the bathroom (the bathroom!). The boys in particular like to climb up onto either the trampoline or the train table and perch like lions. I suppose it will not be long before they are sitting on top of the play kitchen with Violet and Jack. Although all three are pulling up to stand, not one has tried to stand up in the crib yet. Violet and Jack have settled back down into a nice bedtime routine again, so mercifully the day usually ends at 8pm :).

Dashiell*, Jack and Violet*edited to add these are all Ben

Benjamin, Jack and Violet

Benjamin and Dashiell are still sleeping in the same crib, but I don't know how much longer they can keep it up. As you can see they are climbing all over each other - and usually not sleeping through it!