Sunday, November 15, 2009

Triple the Fun Shower!

Luke and Stacie graciously opened their home and they and Sarah put together a fantastic spread and good times for all. Family and friends were able to make it out for the first real mass public showing off of the babies. There were plenty of extra hands for baby-holding and feeding. Thanks to everyone who came and all the thoughtful gifts.

It should be mentioned that it was an alcohol-accessible event. The children were very curious as to what that shiny tank was that all the adults kept walking over to. This gave us a great opportunity for several good photos. Go Jack Go!
I should mention that no beer actually touched the lips of our juice-drinking fiends.

It Takes Three Villages!

I have extolled the virtue of our extended community a number of times but it does not hurt to mention it some more. After these babies were born we benefited from an outpouring of generosity. We had help in the form of mucho clothing, diaper service contributions, wipes, donated nanny time, an awesome fluff and fold laundry service (never have time to keep up with that), and near to my heart, pre-made dinners! I have not eaten that healthy in a while! Our landlords "coincidentally" installed the dishwasher we've been begging about for years - we would have had to move if we were expected to hand wash those bottles. I can't forget to mention the extra manpower around the Payne household of people staying with us and getting a taste of the 24-hour insanity (especially early on).
We have greatly appreciated all of this support from our extended friends and family network. The help we have received has been awesome even if we have not always been super punctual on formal messages of thanks.

Triple Baptism!

On September 27, 2009 we had the triplets baptised at beautiful St. Alphonsus in Chicago. Our dear friends Steve and Ann Sergesketter are the godparents of Benjamin. To make it more special Ann's uncle, Father Phil, performed the triple-duty baptism. Erin's sister Sarah is honoring us by serving as Georgia's godmother, and Ryan and Jeannie Pitts (expecting their first child this November!) performed the honors for Dashiell.

Take a close look at the design work on the intricate gowns worn by the children. Erin's mother took her wedding dress in and had it redesigned into 3 baptism gowns for the babies. The effect was both visually stunning and emotionally touching as well. These sentimental one-of-a-kind items have been carefully packed away for each child - What a wonderful baptism gift from Tu-Tu!

Friday, November 13, 2009

All Hail the...Nuk fairy

Violet in her never ending quest to grow up has made several exciting changes in the last few months - all on her own accord. First, right after the babies came home in July, she ditched her night time pull-up. Ron was enthusiastic, but I was quite skeptical. However, she was not to be deterred. I am happy to report that I have been proven wrong. So now we only have 4 kids in some sort of diaper! Jack soon to follow suit (at least during the day) post haste.

Next, and the most exciting one of all, Violet has finally said goodbye to the nuk!! This is something we have been talking about for almost an entire year. I know that this has gone on far too long, but I could not bare taking it away from her. With so much change; in the form of three new tiny humans; this issue has been on the back burner. Getting a little desperate (I know they say no one goes to college with a nuk, but I was starting to wonder) we decided on an old parent standby - bribery. In comes the "nuk fairy". Violet was to place the nuks under her pillow to receive a little present. Lots of excitement, lots of tries, but at the end of the day always "no thanks I think I will keep the nuk". So this past weekend, my sister and parents were in town and Ron and I got to go out (yay). Violet, true to her independent nature, took the opportunity of mom and dad being gone to give it up - much to my sister and parents' surprise. And to our shock when we got home late with no present to put under her pillow from the nuk fairy. So, next night take two. This time the nuk fairy delivered and we have been nuk free for almost a week! Note to self, do not let new babies get sooo attached to nuk.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Our crazy family
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In my mom's 3rd grade class she does a unit on butterflies. In watching the wonder on her students faces as the butterflies emerge, she thought her Chicago grandkids would benefit from a little nature as well.

So three chrysalises made the journey from the QC to Chicago and my two budding scientists set in for an experiment. After many anxious days (and worry that the AC running in the house was making it too cold for them to hatch) one finally did - while we were out. We came home to it hanging on the top of the container. So Ron- glad he was home as I am slightly skittish around creepy crawlies to which butterflies qualify- let it out and Violet was just delighted. Jack, as you can see, at little less so. When the next one emerged we were around and actually got to watch as it made it's way out - cool. Jack grew more comfortable with them flying around, although he did not want one to land on him. Strange that he was so freaked out as we have been many times to the butterfly garden in the Nature Museum. Maybe it was that they were invading his turf. Anyway, the students in my mom's class were concerned that the butterflies would not know how to get to their winter spot in Mexico from Chicago, but all were assured they would be ok. I can't wait for science fairs!!
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Ahh, sleep.
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