Saturday, September 27, 2008

V turns 3!!!

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Violet wanted a mermaid cake for her birthday, this I could oblige. With her ever expanding imagination however, I think her requests are just going to get tougher and less concrete. I am imagining arms on this mermaid.Posted by Picasa
This collage of B-day photos is brought to you by Nair... for those of you who are man enough to dress like a woman but don't have the legs of a 2-year old. Yes, whenever Violet and her pantheon of girls play dress-up Jack likes to get in on the action. Here we have him showcasing Erin's frilly dress from when she was a little girl. He may need a little brother soon or else I am going to have to stock up on fireman and cowboy outfits. I am fairly certain that the psychological trauma will not return to haunt him in his teens. Maybe I'll start an emergency savings account for his future therapy - as long as I don't deposit it at WaMu, or Lehman Bros.
We had a small gathering of family and friends at our house. It was very nice and Violet had a wonderful time being the center of attention - as if she isn't always anyway. She got a lot of wonderful gifts - Myrna, her own cabbage patch kid, a kick scooter, a tea set and play B-day cake, Ballet shoes, tu-tu, and dance bag, feather boas, hula-hoop, and EleFun (gotta see to believe).
One of the great things at the party was the colorful decorations. Erin filled the house with streamers and balloons from a homemade helium kit. However, that created it's own mini-chaos. The balloons came with funny and scary face stickers for decorating fun. Sounds good right?...the assortment of colors included 1, count em 1, pink balloon for three girls and myself to lay claim to. I'll admit I had a size advantage but they realllllly wanted that pink balloon. I'm not sure who the last man standing was but I'll bear the scars of the great pink balloon shortage of 2008 for years to come.

All and all a good weekend - Cubs clinch the division, Aunt Sarah surprised us by snagging a deal on a last-second flight in from Cali, and V made it to 3. We'll just have to do it all again in another 12 months.
- Ron

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Haircut - at last!

Ever since Violet watched the blog entry of Kaya getting her haircut, she has been asking for one as well. This only intensified after Jack got a home job a la Ron. I also felt she needed a trim but Ron was dead set against it. After a couple of months of summit worthy negotiations, the ladies where victorious - get used to it Dad!
While meeting friends for lunch in the Northern suburbs, Jack started yelling "bayoon, bayoon". I turned to see two expertly coiffed little girls holding balloons from the local kids hair place. After inquiry I learned that it was just two business over - serendipity! Violet was really calm during the process that included a never before had experience with the blow dryer.
Jack, as you can see, enjoyed himself as well. Can you see something amiss with his beautiful face? This picture does not quite do his giant fat lip justice. His first "serious" injury involving blood.
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The end results...I think turned out real lovely. Violet has always been so clip adverse and while she looked great with a pony or pig tails, that look survived approximately 2 minutes and took 20 to accomplish. Jack was just happy to get a "bayoon" .
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