Saturday, April 21, 2012

getting ready for pool season


Taking 5 kids to the pool by oneself is hard...taking kids that can't swim on their own slightly reckless.  Hence swim lessons for the big kids.  They have been going well, Jack is a bit more of a natural "fish" or maybe that he is just younger and more willing/less afraid to try.  Either way, we will be ready for summer - watch out - no really watch out (possible over?) us.

We do go places!

The kids at Kohls Childrens Museum.  Don't Violet and Jack make handsome doctors?

Winter time fun - aka stir crazy

Must get out of the house, must get out of the house... this is what I will be repeating in my head next winter when I think getting 5 kids dressed in hats, mittens, coats, et al is too much.  This bit of mayhem took about 2 minutes to accomplish.  What's for dinner tonight?  Mystery can!

Post Christmas Bliss

Grampy hanging with Dashiell and his new best friend Woody.

Who can even remember Christmas?

One photo to mark Christmas about sums it up.  Georgia's a peach, also ready to turn on the charm.  Ben needs his mama, now!  Dashiell is slightly pensive, Jack slightly devilish.  And Violet sits in wary bemusement.  Mama, off camera, needs a drink.  :)