Tuesday, September 15, 2009

We have lots of blog catching up to do, so I am going to do my best.

This is from Labor Day Weekend. My mom was nice enough to come up and help, and even nicer to stay with the babies so Ron and I could take Violet and Jack to the street fest on Division. It was fun doing something with just the older kids and they loved all the carnie rides. Amazing that going round and round can be soo exciting. There also was a bounce house and a giant inflatable slide - huge hits too.

After the rides, we hit a local spot and had mini burgers and nachos (in keeping with the carnival theme). Mom and Dad even had a brewskie. This is what counts as being subversive these days in the Payne household - beer in the middle of the day!

Posted by PicasaWhat can make a day of carnival fun complete? Cotton candy! The good kind, fresh spun. I sent Ron to get ONE for the kids as they were wiped out from all the playing and walking and we still had to walk home. He came back with one for each. Nothing perks up tired kids like spun sugar!
It was nice to get out and feel like "we can do this", thanks Mom for staying home with the babes.

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TUTU said...

Oh Jack! Blue teeth?? What a wonderful group of family pics depicting a wonderful time! Love you guys!